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Private soundsession

Why a private soundsession?

Our soundretreats and meditations are more general in her purpose, while an individual session focusses on your personal intention and specific vibration. Listening to a soundretreat can be a good preparation for a private session.

How does it work

A private session starts with a short intake of 30 minutes by Skype.

After the intake Jozef will sit down privatly and record the sounds for you.

The duration of this soundsession may vary and often is between 30 - 45 minutes. 

You may relax or meditate from home and connect energetically during this period of time. After the session we will sent you the audiofile so you can listen the sounds made for you. We advise you to listen multiple times to this audiofile.

Mostly we work on distance, but if you wish to come to our village Tremelo (Belgium) you are most welcome for a session at our place.

Effects and results

A soundsession can be experienced as a accelerator in your lifeprocess. After a session we advise you to be alert how this shift in your energyfield can be witnessed in your daily life. We will be happy to receive your testimonial. 


Your session is confirmed with your payment.

Please make sure we are able to receive your payment in advance of the session.

Single session: €135

3 sessions: € 395


After Soundretreat 'Your Destiny'

'New thoughts, emotions and insights came up that helped me to let go of unfulfilled desires from the past. A different, bright future now had the change to show itself to me. The sounds helped me to clarify as well the steps to take. So thankful for this new path unfolding!


Judith - Writer & Transformation coach

Soundretreat 'Raise your vibration'

After a surgery I started this retreat. My body and me were tired. Not only from the surgery but also from the period before in wich I worked hard and had put a lot of energy. While raising my vibration with the sounds I noticed how Joy returned in my life, jokes and humour in my relationship, a light way to deal with daily challenges. What a relief to feel so Light!


Judith - Writer & Transformation coach

"There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living".

- Nelson Mandela - 

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