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Please read carefully before listening to a soundretreat or meditation (1 - 6)

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1. Physical and mental problems

We advise you to consult your doctor in case of physical and mental problems.

The variation of offered vibrations in our soundretreat bring movement in your energyfield. In case of emotional instability,  we recommend to consult a therapist or doctor before listening to the audiofiles.

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3. Payments

We wish to make the soundretreats and meditations accesible to anyone and therefore we work on low prices and donations.

You can transfer your payment or donation to:

Jozef Swaerts

IBAN BE74 7340 2778 0607


Note: the name of the audiofile or retreat. In case you wish to offer us a donation please use the word 'donation'.

If wish you can also use the Paypal button on the specific page of the soundretreat or meditation.

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5. Sharing audiofiles

Often people benefit from these soundretreats and wish to share them with friends. We encourage this and feel grateful that the sounds have benefited you. Though we would like to ask you to honor the contribution and support in the payment for your friends as a beautiful gift or ask your friends to make the little payment as a gesture of gratitude. Thank you.

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2. Practical guidelines 

1. We advise you to lay down or sit in a quiet place so you can be fully open to receive the sounds and allow them to flow through you.

2. Make sure the device from which you play the sounds gives a clear sound. You might use a headphone to empower the experience or connect to an external speaker. 


3. Each soundretreat or meditation may have different effects on you. Be aware that each experience is there to support you in your lifeprocess.

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4. Donations

For those who notice the positieve results of these soundretreats and feel in their heart the wish to contribute to this project, we are open to receive donations to keep doing what we love to do mostly. 


Thank you very much. 

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6. Guidance

Sometimes a meditation or soundretreat may hit an unconsious spot within you that feels uncomfortable. Be grateful for these moments. Now you can work through it and become more free of internal limitations.

Listening a 2nd time to the same audiofile may already give another experience like listening to another audiofile. 

If you feel the urge for extra guidance, we ask you to reach out for us for an individual session or consult someone that resonates more with you.

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