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Welcome to Jozef Soundretreat

Sounds as meditation and relaxation, giving your body the space to rest and allow the sounds to go deep so that your thoughts can also relax. Where space is created, new ideas and energy are released.

Listen to a soundmeditation or follow a sound retreat. Give yourself the space in a quiet place to listen undisturbed, come  to a live concert or ask me for a private session.

Together with our articles we want to inspire you as well to look at lifethemes

from a different perspective.

Three Wise Men

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

- Nikola Tesla - 

Normal world blogs

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What is normal seems abnormal. What is abnormal seems acceptable. More than ever it is important to find and live your own values. Starting the conversation from a deep inner respect for yourself, the other, nature and the world. Where can we find each other? And how do we stay connected?

We hope that our blogs may inspire you to decide for yourself what the 'normal' is you wish to choose for. Together we create society. And our future.

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